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The word 'Gemmy' in our company title 'Gemmy Company' stands for 'Gemme,' which refers to craftsmen creating jewels from gemstones. Thousands of musicians make music and release their records; however, they have to go through an ordeal to succeed and often struggle to protect their own content copyright. The entire process becomes even more difficult for those who work without agencies. In order to solve these problems, we started ‘Gemmy Music.’ We aim to protect copyrights for these musicians and connect them through the web Blockchain Tech service.

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Gemmy Company Service

MMG Application &

Blockchain Tech Service

You can freely make and upload your own music with our mobile music creation app called 'MMG Application.' You can make music with a variety of instrument sessions and effects anywhere, anytime. 'MMG Application' serves as an online platform for the creators and listeners to communicate with each other. With the application, international music creators as well as general users can easily access the system and get together through the web Blockchain Tech service. Users are given an opportunity to make a profit and debut as a musician, while producers can discover new music styles and hidden stars. Last but not least, major fandoms can develop as they gain access to a variety of music and receive information about creators and producers from the ‘MMG Application’ online community.

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Gemmy Team

Sin Young Ahn
( Daniel Duo )


CEO Shin-Young AHN graduated from Tokyo Visual Arts Business School. He started his music business as a founder of 'Bugs Music,' the first music streaming service in South Korea. He works as the Producer of Korean Association of Entertainer, a composer, a producer, an arranger, and a music director.

Ki-Sang NAM


K-pop producer/composer/lyricist
Jewelry, V.O.S, T-ara, Dalshabet, Girls-day


Executive director

Former Vice-chairman of KEPA (Korea Entertainment Producer's Association) / Entertainment management

Jin-Woo JOO

Senior Director

Former 'BUGS Corp. Ltd' Planning & Marketing Director / Marketing & PR Agency 'NINETEN' President

Lee Ju Chel

Judicial affairs Team Leader

patent attorney

Lee Sung


Present) KCS(korea Coin Solution) CEO
Blockchain Marketing Adviser

Sang-Yong Han​

Global Marketing Adviser

Orange Fab Korean corporation president / France Telecom Orange corporation president

Won-Jae Lee

Global Marketing Adviser

YOZMA Group Korea corporation president

Sun Kim

Director of Planning

Former 'Abbamart' Head of Design Department

Jun Geol YOO

GEMMY TOWN Department Head of Business Division

Former T:ara vocal trainer, Happyface Entertainment vocal trainer / Loen Entertainment vocal trainer

Jeon Myung KANG

Media team manager

K-pop lyricist/casting manager/vocal trainer
Girls day, T-ara, Dalshabet, Tint
Former Loen Entertainment casting manager
Heavenly star Entertainment vocal trainer
Heavenly star Entertainment AR department

Guen-Il LEE

Project Manager ( Programmer )

Former / Smart Leaning Korea Team Leader & Director / TRD delegate


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Company Name : GEMMYSTAR PTE. LTD.

UEN Registration No : 201809510E

Registered Office Address No : 3 Church Street Samsung Hub, #13-03B, Singapore, 049483

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